Your Memories

“I just want to say THANK YOU for enhancing my life by making the most amazing products on the planet. I have enjoyed your fruit rolls since I was a kid and there’s truly nothing more enjoyable on a consistent basis”

- Jim M. 

“I love these since I was a kid. My favorite is strawberry, then apricot and fruit punch. I’ve been looking for these for the longest time. I finally found a few at my local grocery store”

- Tina H. 

“I’ve been buying your fruit rolls for as long as I can remember, and ever since I can remember things, I’ve bought even more. I get two boxes (1 apricot, one assortment #1) from my in-laws every year for my birthday. I’m 34, by the way, and am not in the least bit ashamed that this my birthday present from the parents of my wife”

- Internet Customer 

“Hello! Let me start out by telling you how my kids and I love your fruit roll ups! I’ve been eating them since I was a kid”

- Angie 

“My daughter is now 23 and she still remembers the first time she tried your roll ups and she loves them. We had a hard time finding them until about a month ago. She went to a farmer’s market type place with my grandchildren and she found them and was so happy”

- Debra W. 

“Please continue to make your fruit rolls! They are by far the BEST fruit rolls ever, I wish all markets would carry them nationwide! The apricot and grape are the best ever and glad they are still around after so many years”

- Mindy G. 

“I haven’t enjoyed these since I was a little girl. Will order again!”

- Sarah 

“This will sound kind of silly, I admit. I’ve loved your fruit rolls since I was a kiddo, in New York, in the early 1980’s. I begged my mom to get me them, at King Kullen. On the rare occasion that she did, I was overjoyed. I savored every bit. Tried so much to make them last!…Now, as a 40 year old, professional person, grown up lady, I still have such love for your fruit rolls. I bring them on shift in my workbag (I am an RN now). I love them while reading a good book. While watching a movie. The quality of your product has never changed, and, I am so grateful”

- Kathleen H. 

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